The menu items listed below are available for carry out with 
advance notice.  The items at the bottom marked with an
asterisk are usually available any time but it's best to call first to
make sure we are not temporarily out of an item you need.  If  you
need a slab of ribs for dinner, some BBQ for lunch, items for a
picnic or any special occasioin, just give us a call and we will have 
your order ready to pick up at the requested time.

                                   CARRY  OUT
     MENU  ITEM                                                                         PRICE PER SERVING

Rib Eye Steak                                                                                   


NY Strip Steak$5.95
Fillet Mignon$8.75
BBQ Beef Ribs$4.40
Beef Brisket - smoked$3.70
Prime Rib Roast$5.40
Roast Beef - pot roast$3.15
Meat Sauce & Spaghetti$2.40
Meat Balls & Spaghetti$2.60
Meat Balls - cocktail size$2.15
Swiss Steak$3.10
Salisbury Steak$2.10
Smoked Pulled Beef BBQ$2.75
Beef Patties - 5 oz.$1.95
Meat Loaf$2.15
Ham Loaf


Ham - sugar cured & smoked$2.40
Butterfly Pork Chops - marinated & smoked$2.80
Pork Chop - cured & smoked -bnls$2.95
Americas Cut Pork Chop - marinated- 1.25"- bnls $2.95   
Pork Chop -marinated-smoked-bni$2.40
Pork Loin - marinated - smoked - bnls$2.65
Pork Tenderloin - marinated - smoked$3.60
BBQ Pork Spareribs$3.40
BBQ Baby Back Ribs$4.95
Pulled Smoked Pork$2.95
Smoked Pulled Pork BBQ$2.60
Ham Loaf$3.15
Porkburger - 5 oz.$1.70
Bratwurst - our own recipe$1.70
BBQ Chicken  -1/2 or two qtrs(In BBQ Sauce)$3.30
Baked & Smoked Chicken - Half or Two Qtrs$3.30
Chicken Breast - marinated- 5.0 oz. bnls$2.45
Chicken Breast w/rice$2.95
Chicken & Spaghetti Casserole$2.95
Chicken & Dumplings$2.90
Turkey - smoked$2.25
Turkey - cured & smoked$2.50
Smoked Pulled Chicken BBQ$2.60
Smoked Pulled Turkey BBQ


Smoked Pulled Turkey

Smoked Pulled Chicken

Baked Potato$1.35
Mashed Potatoes w/Gravy$1.00
Cheese Potatoes$1.00
Sweet Potatoes$0.80
Sweet Potato Casserole$0.80
Baby Red Potatoes


Macaroni & Cheese$1.00
Potato Salad


Baked Beans$0.80
Pasta Salad$0.80
Mixed Vegetables - Calif. style$0.80
Green Beans w/ham$0.80
Broccoli Casserole
Cauliflower/Broccoli Mix$0.80
Carrots - honey glazed$0.80
Tossed Salad w/dressings$0.80
7 Layer Garden Salad  w/dressings$1.00
Jello Salad$0.80
7-Layer Taco Salad w/taco chips


Dinner Rolls$0.35
Hamburger Buns$0.20
*Smoked Pulled Pork BBQ (frozen)*3.95 lb
*Smoked Pulled Turkey or Chicken BBQ (frozen)*3.95 lb.
*Cured & Pulled Smoked Turkey or Chicken$7.50 lb.
*Smoked Pulled Pork  (frozen)

$8.25 lb.

*Butterfly Pork Chops-marinated  (frozen)$3.55 lb.
*Bratwurst w/ Hot Pepper Cheese (frozen)
*Bratwurst   (frozen)
$3.30 lb
$2.95 lb
*Ground Beef Patties  5.0 oz. (80% lean) (frozen)$3.60 lb.
*Ground Beef Patties   5.0 oz. (90% lean) (frozen)$3.90 lb
*Ground Chuck  80% lean (frozen)$3.30 lb.

*Ground Beef   90% lean  (frozen)

$3.60 lb.
*Pork Sausage  (hot, medium hot, or mild)  (frozen)$2.75 lb
*Pork Patties  5.0 oz.  (frozen)$2.95lb.
*BBQ Sauce (mild, spicey or hot)   Our own recipe$1.75lb.
*Potato Salad   $2.35 lb.
*Pasta Salad  (Fresh)$2.65 lb.
*Baked Beans  (Fresh)$1.55 lb.
*Cheese Potatoes  (Fresh)$2.65 lb.
*Macaroni & Cheese(Fresh)*2.65 lb.

*Mashed Potatoes  w/gravy ( Gravy not included in weight) (Fresh)

$2.20 lb.




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